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Specializing in Private Investigation & Security for Corporations, Associations and Individuals.




Businesses often find themselves in need of services that a licensed private investigator can provide.  From insurance fraud to undercover investigations within the company, Alabama Detective Agency can help you obtain the information needed to better protect your company. 




Alabama Detective Agency provides a wide range of discreet security services to help bring peace of mind to difficult situations.  Our detectives utilize both physical and digital methods to discover and mitigate threats for our clients.  

TCSM (Bug Sweeps)

Covert surveillance tools have never been easier to obtain and use. If you suspect you are being watched or monitored, perhaps you are. 

The only way to know is to have an experienced professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures technician conduct on site inspection of your business or home. 

Digital Forensics

The answers we seek are often hidden in digital format on a persons device.  Our computer forensics team can help provide the evidence you need. 


Insurance fraud is far more common than most people realize.  Our Alabama licensed private investigators are equipped to get the answers you need to take appropriate action.


Our Alabama licensed private investigators can help you get the answers you need.  From in-depth background checks to catching cheating spouses, our highly trained team of private investigators are experienced and ready to help you discover the truth.


Alabama Detective Agency is a full service provider of private investigation and security services. Our mission at Alabama Detective Agency is to provide the best and most accurate information to our clients. The decisions we make in life are significantly impacted by the quality of our information. We believe that you deserve to know the truth.


All of our Alabama private investigators are licensed by the Alabama Private Investigation Board located in Montgomery Alabama. Our network of licensed professional investigators allow us to serve clients throughout the southeast and beyond.  We know that hiring a private detective agency is not something most people do regularly.


We have an easy to understand process that starts with a case evaluation allowing you to ask questions and receive confidential feedback from a licensed professional investigator. ADA handles a wide variety of matters ranging from simply locating people to complex corporate undercover investigations. Whomever you hire, be sure they are properly licensed.  Alabama Detective Agency is ready to help give you peace of mind.  

Private Investigators Meeting in Alabama


Alabama Detective Agency was founded with the idea of bringing together top professionals from the private investigation and security industries under one roof to better serve our clients.  This approach has created a team of experienced specialists that we utilize for both routine and complex matters. Every investigator, security professional and research agent maintains proper licenses and insurance.


Until recently, the private investigation industry in Alabama was unregulated.  Even criminals could be released from prison and call themselves a private investigator the same day. Reputable investigators throughout the State of Alabama pushed for a licensure process.  In 2013, the Alabama Private Investigation Board was formed.  It is now unlawful to operate as a private investigator in Alabama without a license. 


Warning: Many unlicensed individuals still conduct business as investigators in the State of Alabama. If you are considering hiring a private investigator, be certain they are currently and properly licensed in the jurisdictions they will be working for you. Hiring an unlicensed private eye can have unforeseen and potentially detrimental consequences for you and your case. Private investigation licenses in the State of Alabama can be verified online through the Alabama Private Investigation Board website. You can also call the Alabama Private Investigation Board with questions and concerns. 

Alabama Detective Agency exists as a result of our founders 20 year mission to locate and work with the absolute best investigative and security professionals in the world.  Our network of private investigators, technology experts and security professionals provide our clients a depth of experienced agents to work their cases and obtain positive outcomes.


Not every problem requires the expertise of a licensed professional investigator. Schedule a confidential case evaluation to see if we can help..  If we think that you do not need an investigator, we may be able to point you in the right direction.  If we think your case could benefit from our services, you will be presented with some options.  

Investigative Service Areas

ADA serves the entire State of Alabama.  We often have investigators either based in or available for response in the following areas:

Mountain Brook, Birmingham, Cullman, Florence, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, Gulf Shores, Anniston, Pelham, Hoover, Tuscaloosa, Auburn & Dothan. 

ADA maintains a nationwide network of private investigators throughout the country. We only utilize investigators that are properly licensed and insured in their respective area. 


Many of our private investigators hold licenses in multiple States.  Below is a list of areas in which ADA often operates: 

Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida & Mississippi. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private investigator?

Private investigators and detectives investigate, research and conduct inquiries in an effort to uncover and understand information that may be concealed or hidden.

Private investigators work for individuals or companies to investigate matters not normally worked by police departments. While there are some criminal matters (like capital murder cases) that police detectives obviously handle, experienced private investigators work those investigations very differently than law enforcement. When a private investigator works on criminal cases, it is separate from police work and departments. Private detectives are often working directly for private citizens.

In the United States, Private investigators are typically not directly employed by public entities and do not represent law-enforcement. Private investigators do often work with law-enforcement and can at times provide information in exchange with police departments. However, private investigators function as private citizens and must work within all local laws. Private investigators do not have police powers.


What do private investigators actually do?

Private investigators work on behalf of private citizens and corporations for the purpose of uncovering information that may be hidden or hard to find. While there are many techniques that licensed professional investigators use, generally speaking, their work is conducted through research.

This research can be performed in many ways. Licensed professional investigators often use surveillance to learn more about a subject’s activities and daily routines. Background Checks and Due Diligence investigations are another type of research that experienced investigators can use to verify if someone is who they claim to be. Background Checks are often used for employment purposes. Employment background screening can turn up a variety of criminal and traffic records that can be used to help employers screen out new hires. There are certain federal rules and restrictions that govern employment related background checks. Non employment background checks do not have the same restrictions and often reveal more information.


Licensed private investigators also gather information through interviews. There are many occasions where the only way to discover the truth is by interviewing and engaging with people. Interviews can often look and feel different depending on the information needed, the personalities involved, and the goals of the case. An experienced private investigator will know how to handle & navigate this type of research by utilizing multiple techniques and investigators.  

Is it legal for a private investigator to track people with GPS technology?

In the US and generally speaking, yes, it is legal for a private investigator or detective to use GPS technology to assist in a private investigation. The laws governing GPS assisted tracking of individuals and assets vary greatly from state to state.

We recommend that you seek legal counsel’s advice prior to employing GPS devices in an investigation by a licensed professional investigator. Especially in any case that might end up in court. Attorneys in the state of Alabama have different viewpoints on the use of GPS technology. Depending on the details of your case and specific information that your attorneys may or may not want to have access, it is best to have them guide you through that process.

In the state of Alabama, the only laws that govern the use of GPS technology apply to police use of GPS tracking devices. The current law restricts use of tracking devices by police departments against citizens without a warrant.

The lack of legislation in the State of Alabama that speaks towards private investigators use of GPS technology has led to what some people referred to as a gray area.

Reputable licensed professional investigators in the state of Alabama have developed a best use policy. If your case qualifies, GPS tracking devices can assist your investigation and may help create a better outcome.

GPS tracking assisted investigations help many of our clients obtain deeper insight that they might not of had without the devices. 

If your case qualifies, you can lease GPS trackers from Alabama Detective Agency for use in the state of Alabama. Our investigators can either install the device for you, or show you how to install it on your own. You do not have to be tech savvy to install a tracking device. Our investigators have a simple process to show you how to properly attach the tracking device to a vehicle or asset. Depending on the details of your case, your attorney may not want you directly involved. We recommend you consult with your attorney prior to using GPS tracking devices.  

Contact Alabama Detective Agency for a consultation to learn more about whether your case qualifies for the use of GPS tracking technology.

I have never hired a private investigator before. How does it work?


Many people can go their entire life without ever needing the services of a licensed professional investigator. It is completely understandable that most people don’t have any idea how the process works and what they should expect. It is very important that whoever you hire to help you with your case, spells out clearly what your responsibilities are and what you should expect from the investigator. 


Our process is simple.


  1. Consultation

  2. Recommendation

  3. Signed contract & retainer payment

  4. Investigation begins

  5. Communication of evidence


It begins with an initial consultation and case evaluation. During this meeting we will ask questions specifically related to your situation. We will also discuss potential outcomes and what your goals are in hiring a private investigator. If we determine that your case can benefit from the services of a private investigator, we we will present next step which may include a scope of work and a recommended budget for your investigation. 


Once you’ve made the decision to proceed in hiring a private investigator, you would then sign your contract, pay the retainer fee and provide any required information needed to begin the investigation.


Depending on the type of case you’ve asked your investigator to work on, there may or may not be direct communication during the investigation between you and our agents. We will assign a case manager for you to communicate with and receive updates from during the investigation. Once the scope of work has been completed, you will receive communication from the case manager about the results of the investigation.


An investigation can often create more questions than answers. Once the scope of work is complete, you’ll have the option of ending the investigation or continuing in the event that you need more work completed. 


How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?


Hiring a private detective or a private investigation company to help you can be a very expensive proposition. It is important to consider what type of budget and resources you’re willing to put towards discovering the truth. There is no one size fits all answer to how much it costs to have an investigation properly conducted. Investigations can be very complex and every situation is different. This often requires different techniques and types of investigators to effectively complete. 


For domestic matters, we typically see overall costs range for domestic investigations in the United States between $5000 - $35,000, sometimes more. These costs are largely driven by a matter of investigative complexity and the client goals. 


I'm really good at research, do I need to hire a private investigator?


Not necessarily. There are many things that you can do on your own. It completely depends on your situation and goals.

Sometimes people do not need a full out investigation to get answers to the problems they have. Often, they just need a little help from somebody that understands research and how to obtain certain information. 


In-depth background checks can sometimes provide the information that people need. Additionally, experienced private investigators have access to certain databases and know how to navigate public records to cross-check data. The investigative process often allows our research agents obtain valuable information for their clients that may otherwise remain unknown. 

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator to do an in-depth background check or research?


Research and in-depth background checks often range in cost between

$500 - $2,500 per individual, sometimes more depending on our clients goals and information we can use as a starting point.  

Contact Alabama Detective Agency to schedule a consultation. 

Urgent Matters


Sometimes people find themselves in positions in which they need the help of a licensed private investigator or security agent immediately. Alabama Detective Agency takes last-minute urgent matters on a case by case basis. We are based in Birmingham, Alabama and have a large number of local investigators at our disposal. 


Because of our nationwide network of investigators and security professionals throughout the country, we are often able to help clients with their last minute requests no matter the location. If you find yourself in a position in which you need help urgently, reach out to our office and we will see if we can either accommodate or put you in contact with a reputable licensed investigator that is available. 

Security Surveillance 


There are times in which having a rapid response agent or investigator conducting surveillance on your location can give you peace of mind. We are often asked to provide security surveillance when a client has been threatened by an individual or fears harm for their family. Depending on the situation and type of threat, we may even recommend having an undercover security agent nearby during the time of crisis. These type of services are available to individuals and corporations. As every situation is unique, our approach will vary and depends on the logistics and threat level at the given time. 

Locating People 


Private investigators are often asked to locate people for a variety of reasons. There are many people searching for loved ones they haven’t spoken to in years. There are also people that are searching for old friends they have just lost contact with and want to reconnect.

Sometimes people just want to know the status of someone that they have known in the past. They don’t always want to make contact. They often just want to know what their lifestyle is like and if they are OK. We have several clients that look out for the wellbeing of a person and have us check in on them from time to time. 


The way in which private investigators properly handle these requests, depends a great deal on your relationship to the person in which you are attempting to locate. 


Private investigators are not obligated to search for anyone for you. Reputable and licensed private investigators are also not required to give you any information that will help you contact the person if the investigator believes it to be inappropriate or unsafe.


The detective working your case needs to feel comfortable that the reason you’re searching for the person has a legitimate and lawful purpose. Be prepared to answer questions about the reasons you wish to find someone. 


Private investigators also work to locate witnesses and other people for attorneys in preparation for litigation or other matters. Many people think that was technology today, it is easier than ever to locate a person that’s missing. That is simply not the case. While it is true that technology has made things more simple in the process of locating someone, there are many people that are just simply off the grid when it comes to their personal residence or where they live and work. In addition, while technology can help, it also commonly provides misleading or confusing information. The information must be sorted and vetted by an experienced research investigator. 


What does it cost to locate someone that is missing?


There is no one size fits all answer to this question. As with most investigations, it is not possible to accurately predict the amount of time and resources it may take to locate someone or accomplish an investigative task.


Typical local person locates can range between $1,500-$3,500. Costs could be higher depending on the particular circumstances surrounding the individual and the resources required.


Non-typical local locates, like people that are hiding or missing because of criminal acts can range from $5,000-$15,000. Sometimes more depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.


Generally speaking, there are three categories when it comes to locating people.


  1. An individual just living their life that needs to be located or contacted. 

  2. An individual missing due to unexplained circumstances (typically due to criminal behavior or lifestyle). 

  3. An individual that is simply hiding (Some people have left their old life behind do not want to be found.)

Important note about costs. 


We are providing the following information for two purposes. 


  1. To be completely transparent with any potential client that wants to hire the Alabama Detective Agency or our investigators. 

  2. To be a resource for people considering hiring a private investigation firm and do not know where to start when it comes to financial arrangements. 


We know that hiring a reputable investigation team is an expensive proposition. We want to be upfront with our clients and potential customers everything including money. 


Much of the information you will find on the Internet with regards to pricing for investigators are just not accurate. We believe that is largely due to the idea that most of the people putting out the pricing information are investigators or private Investigator firms. Many investigation companies will do what we consider to be a bait and switch when it comes to pricing. Please understand, there’s nothing illegal in what I’m about to describe. It is only an unfortunate practice that many private investigation firms conduct to make themselves seem less expensive than their competitors. It is common practice to offer to open a case for a small amount of money (for example $500 or $1500) knowing it will likely cost much more to complete ($5,000-$7,500). Those investigators are betting that you’ll come up with additional funds to complete the case work because it is important to you. 


The investigator will work (or maybe not ) for a few days and then immediately turn around and ask for more money to be able to complete the case because the initial retainer was insufficient to work and finish the case. 


It’s possible that some firms do this because they want to seem more affordable. Whatever the reason, it is our goal to be transparent and help our clients prepare for the reality of hiring a private investigation or security firm. 


The pricing located on this website are simply meant to be a guide for anyone considering hiring a private investigation firm. The price ranges mentioned are typical for successful outcomes in a cases in the state of Alabama. Rates will vary and just depends on the availability of qualified investigators. 

Contact Alabama Detective Agency to schedule a consultation. 

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